This is an OC of Skyblade743. Do not edit without permission.

Memeatron was an updated version of Freddy designed to replace him. However, a bug in his coding resulted in him becoming extremely trollish and he regularly uses memes to anouy people.


Memeaton is a white version of Freddy with blue pupils. Much of his suit his damaged and ripped from ageing. His most noteable feature is a medium sized television screen in the middle of his chest, which shows the memes that he wants to communicate with. If he dosn't want to talk,it just shows a troll face.


Memeatron is extremely trollish and seems hell bent on anouying people to the point of oblivion. He also hates being serious and has not been serious for more than 5 seconds. He does actually seem to be intelligent, but ditches this intelligence for sheer memes. He gives bad advice, dosn't like sand and thinks that you are a pirate. His favourite crisps are pingas, but don't try stealing them because it's no use. He's also really feeling it.


Memeatron is the avatar of the internet God Memeus. All of Google Images flows through him, giving him an infite supply of images to meme. It also allows his conciseness to survive after death as a meme, so he can be resurrected later.


  • I made him up on the spot.
  • If I'm using him, there is either something seriously wrong with your roleplay or it's devoted to being random.

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