Melody has white and pink fur and bright yellow eyes. She has a heart shape on chest and a red, rosy blush like her mom. Melody is very cute, like her father, and she is a fun loving. She was built by Kingfireblast. And yet she doesnt know...

Melody the Fox (made by Toy Foxy 2.1)

What Melody might look like when she grows up (picture made by Toy Foxy 2.1, thanks lass ;))


Name- Melody the Fox

Age- 4 months

Soul type: Cute, Dark, Love

Height- 2"0

Weight- 5 stone 2

Fave food- malk (milk)

Allergen- Waffles

Mom- Toy Foxy the Fox

Dad-Young Foxy


Crush-Baby Ben (Drowned)


Melody is very independent usually not needing help from others but her loved ones, she's friendly to everyone she likes but can be a bit seductive to some of her very close friends her age, she has a dark soul called Dawn.


Dawn likes to fight for her friends but is a homosexual, hating boys cause of her old boyfriend so Dawn only saves boys when they're part of her family, and since Dawn is a Homosexual she is very close to girls her age and they need to be homosexuals too, Dawn has a huge age difference by 21 years meaning she is an adult.

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