Mega Bartek world: energy of ultrarexchaos or Bartek World 2: Mega episode 1 is a fake platformer adventure fnaf 57 like fake game with puzzles, bosses, building , creating and finding.

PLayable Characters

You first start with Bartek and Bonnie Dread (bonnie from the beasts ep 6) Flying and exploring planets (worlds) and destroying Space Stations (sub-worlds). You can unlock: Jacob, Julee, Roblox (admin), Freddy, Kacper (small), Big Kacper with two secret characters: Ink Bendy and Searcher (BATIM).


There are a lot of enemy types. all of them are here: BlobRobot, Tank Meteorite Robot, Digalien, Meteorite Mecha-Possesed Rabbit mEN AND WOMEN, Evil MARTIANS, FEmale mini emperors, Chaos Spike Ball Cars, Noob Robotic Mechs, Alien Krakens, Guard ships, ManGirls and BirdBear robots.


there are 15 worlds in total. names: Mecha-possesed uranus and meteorites (the meteorites are part of world), Noobmare SPace station, Xix 13, Larol 12, Chaos Space station, FLag ship Station, Giant meteorite, Mars, Nightmare chaos Station, Space Pizza Planet Asteroid, FLag Ship Star, Death Drill, Chaotic Egg Shell, Destructor God station and THE DESTRUCTION OF DOOM AND TERROR.


while the first 6 bosses are mini bosses i can still count: Nightmare Bot, Guard man, Tiren the Grey sonic universe fox, Kingler, Reactor Core, Trap Bot, Spider MECH, Nightmare, Toy Chica V.7, Emperor John, Drill Driver, Space Godzilla Baby, Destructor Lord, Bartrex the Destructor God

Easter eggs

near the left of the Destructor God station's upper left corner, a poster of Amy Rose (my most hated character) can be seen having tons of scars and holes. Unlocking ink bendy is easy, go to the first stage of world three and find an secret TheMeatly room and you got him. The searher unlocking is medium, Rarely in Death Drill stage 5 you can see a teleporting axe seller that appears randomly with an cyborg mask, don't kill him and you got Searcher. If you brighten the last credits image you can see a button that says: SECRET TROUSERS TOWER, if you click it you will get in a secret boss rush with a mini boss Tiren's body guard and secret last boss: Darkzo the Dark Hedgegod, you get a badge called: Wow, Sunky and sanic.

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