Pokebot i zoroark by strixic-d4s78fx


Mecha Zoroark was an animatronic only to promote Freddy Fazbear's to kids who liked Pokémon, but he was never used. He would only be called "That Pokemon fox thing" by Phone Guy and the other employees.


Mecha Zoroark's gameplay is unique. He has only one movement pattern, but he can have one of his spots changed to alter it. FNaF1: (Normall pattern) Parts and Service room --> Party Room ---> West Hallway --> West Hall Corner --> Your office FNaF2: Parts and Service room --> Hallway --> Show Stage --> Prize Corner --> Right Air vent --> Office In FNaF2, the Show Stage can be changed to Game Area. Prize Corner can be changed to Kids' Cove.


Mecha Zoroark is able to slice through wood,wool, and fabric with his sharp claws. He can also use his hair to do the same as his claws. He can also repair himself with his smart functionallity, and he can also refill his energy up quickly.

Attack and way to get him out of your office

To get Mecha Zoroark out of your office, you must pull up your monitor for 9 seconds two times, and he will fade away. His attack stance is: Mecha Zoroark will slice at you with his claws, which is very different compared to the other animatronics' attacks. He uses his hands, not his mouth.

Facts and Rumors

Rumors: There is a rumor that if you flash the light 6 times at the right air vent when Mecha Zoroark is NOT in it, he will not go inside of it. Another rumor is that if you stare at Mecha Zoroark in your office before he fades away before killing you, you will get an alternate ending after the kill.

Facts: Mecha Zoroark will go back to his starting point if you put the Freddy mask on even if he is not in your office.

Mecha Zoroark can also attack you from the right air vents by crawling out of them and leaping at you. It is hard to get this attack, though.

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