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Mangle or sometimes dubbed "The Mangle" is an animatronic that was built by Sunset. She is almost the exact same as Mangle in the Toy pizzeria except she has a more damaged look. And this version of Mangle was built for killing anyone she sees, except certain people Mangle is programmed to either leave alone or protect.

So far, there are no logged survivors to Mangle, everyone she was destined to murder (so far) has in fact been killed.


Mangle only lingers around Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, she is hidden very far in Pirate Cove. Because ever since Sunset built her, she didn't know where to put Mangle to she left her in Pirate Cove. She stayed in there until one day Mangle suddenly started moving around. She basically moves around all of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, except she doesn't go on the Show Stage or in the Restrooms. And she goes through the East Hall, not the West.


  • Though Mangle has certain people she is programmed to protect, some have hacked into her to insure she doesn't attack them.
  • Some parts of this Mangle did come from the original Mangle from the Toy Pizzeria.
  • This Mangle does have a hook.

Phantom Mangle is still a character. Though she very rarely appears. She seems to act the same way that Phantom Chica does in FNaF3. Where her face appears on the game screen and if the player doesn't switch to another camera fast enough she will lunge at the player.

Mangle's attack animation is like the one her Toy counterpart has in FNaF2. Where she comes from the ceiling and bites at the players head, near the frontal lobe.

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