Christina (or Lucy) is a future character who appears in the Dangerous Time roleplay. She is a human as ordinary as... time travel? It turns out she made a portal through time that has the advantage of going back and fixing the animatronics before the Bite of '87.

Lucy is a female with blonde hair usually down, but sometimes in a ponytail. She wears neutral-colored clothes and is usually seen with black finger-less gloves. She sometimes wears boots, too.


Lucy was once working in a gas station with her father, who was at the cash register. One day, she was trapped in a freezer holding bottles of beverages. Somebody rescued her a few days later, but she doesn't remember much of that day. It turns out that something in the freezer gave her the ability to open up time. She does this just to change the Bite of '87, but this puts her to the test.


"A moment that changes history for me..."

"Jumping juice, <name here>!"


Dangerous Time

Music Academy (as I'm An Albatraoz)

Get Yourself Into Gear