"Well, you probably know Lucky, the leader, that black and white dog. He might not come out on this night, but be aware- don't let the power go out or let him get to close."

           -Phone Guy, night 1

Lucky Pogo, mostly referred to as Lucky, is an animatronic dog and main animatronic antagonist of Five Nights at Lucky's. 


Lucky is an Animatronic Dog with black fur, and white fur on his chest, nose, and in back of his neck. He is the spirit of a child who was murdered and was brought to life as an animatronic. 


Lucky appears in the office at nights 1, 4, and 5. He warns you that a mysterious "he" is coming, and that the player must "save us". He also warns the player when the power runs out, except killing the Player at the end. He is the leader of the animatronics. In game, Lucky starts on the bedroom, goes into the storage room, and if watched too much, jumpscares the player. He goes through the stage and dining room, walking down the left hall, and if the door is not closed, jumpscarea the player. If the player runs out of power, Lucky will warn him before saying goodbye, killing him. 

Spoiler Alert! Read at own risk!!!

Lucky leads the animatronics to stuffing the Phone Guy, who tries to kill you at the end of night ten, into a suit. Phone Guy is killed, saving you, and as completing night ten, Lucky and the ninnine others are saved, however, ten children are killed tto make new animatronics, and ten brainwashed to proprovide souls for the current an animatronics.

spoiler alert finished


  • Lucky is based of the game's creator's dog
  • Lucky is one of three animatronics to talk to the player, the others being Anilly, and Brownie.
  • Lucky starts in the bedroom, instead of the stage, odd, as the reason the bedroom is there is unknown.
  • Lucky is thought to have killed the eleventh animatronic because blood was on the bedroom floor when it happened. ​
  • However, animatronics don't have blood, but the kid inside might have.
  • Also two other animatronics live in the bedroom, Anilly and brownie.

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