Lonkesoe is an antagonist in all the FNaF games.




  • Lonkesoe is a tall animatronic who haves a human suit, he wears a black tuxedo attire along with a black walking stick.
  • He haves beige skin.


  • Lonkesoe's appearance is similar that the one from the first game. But his arms and legs are in a tattered state.
  • Lonkesoe gained buttons on his chest in FNaF2.


  • His appearance is similar that the one from FNaF2.
  • However, he is in a more burnt color and tattered state. He is also missing some teeth.
  • Although, his entire body is tattered.


  • In FNaF, he starts on show stage, then he will a path to the office from a random door.
  • In FNaF2, he starts in parts/service, then he will take a path to a random entrance.
  • In FNaF3, he can still kill the player and he's active at the start of each night, although, Lonkesoe will be a lot more agressive than Springtrap for balance.


  • In all the games, Lonkesoe will speak when active.