Lonkes Balzar Lolepa is my fanmade animatronic. Although, he will not appear in the game.



He is a animatronic with a costume of a red cat. His principal dressing is a black bowtie and a top hat with a brown stripe on it. His eyes are blue and he haves 2 buttons on his chest. In FNaF2 his appearance changed a bit, he haves eyebrows introduced while 3 buttons have added on his chest. In FNaF3, his eyebrows are wider than in FNaF2 and he haves red text on it's hat that reads his first name.


In each game, he enters the office before he attacks the player.


He can disable the doors in FNaF when he enters the office.


In the first game, he starts in the dinning area. Like Springtrap he appears on every camera.

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