The Strongest Fist! (Round 1) Rock and Fire! Dual Up! Explosion Hit! Knock Out Fighter! ―Transformation announcement

Fighter Gamer Level 50 is Lolbit's second primary form, activated by turning the Gashat Gear Dual to the Knock Out Fighter side. This form is based on fighting games.


Lolbit's appearance share few similarities with Funtime Foxy. It seems to be a recolored version of Funtime Foxy.

Lolbit's face splits into five parts, all of which don't seem capable of movement. The first split runs directly down the center of its face with the second running through the center of its eyes, segmenting its face into four different parts in addition to its immobile lower jaw.

Its facial features greatly resemble Funtime Foxy, with a few recolors. Lolbit's blush and lipstick are red (depending on her forms), as oppose to Funtime Foxy's pink facial features. It also has a orange snout with three small dots and a smallish black nose.

The main tool of Lolbit in this form is the Materialize Smasher, which was her Puzzle Gamer's form shoulder parts. These gauntlets can throw powerful punches of fire.


Giving Circus Baby the Mighty Sisters XX Gashat

Fredbear is nearly finished with a new, larger Rider Gashat meant for Lolbit, but it requires more data. Fredbear gives it to Lolbit and sends him to collect data, but Lolbit brings up the possibility of one of the other Animatronics stealing it. Fredbear explains that it would infect them with a lethal amount of the Bugster virus if anyone but Lolbit were to use it. With this information, Lolbit gives Circus Baby the Gashat, telling her to change her fate with it, and telling Circus Baby to show her that she could change her fate again while hidden in a tree.

Though the Gashat injected a deadly amount of Bugster Virus into Circus Baby like Fredbear said it would, it mysteriously does not and instead converts into the Mighty Sisters XX Gashat, granting Circus Baby much greater power. Lolbit is fascinated by this development while Fredbear is angered.

Debut as a Rider

Freddy Fredbear once again creates a Gashat Gear Dual for Lolbit, this time fully finished. Lolbit decides to "play" it by intruding on a battle between Foxy, Spring Bonnie, and Circus Baby, defeating all three using both of her forms. She initially knew that Circus Baby wasn't fighting at all when Spring Bonnie and Foxy attacked her one-sidedly, which "bores" her, telling the attacking Riders to "not be such a killjoy". After defeating Circus Baby, she tells him she'll "play" with her any time.

She later "plays" with Circus Baby as The Mighty Sisters Level XX L and R, assuming the form of Lolbit's Puzzle Gamer Level 50, fighting alongside Fredbear as Freddy's Zombie Gamer Level X. Upon easily defeating The Mighty Sisters, she mocks Circus Baby that "that is all she's got" until Revol shoots her in the back, claiming that the Bugster will attain his true form by defending Circus Baby. This angers Lolbit to the point of claiming that "non-playable characters aren't that smart to begin with", forcing her to assume Fighter Gamer Level 50.

Fredbear attempts to deter Lolbit by saying that Revol "is not her opponent", but Lolbit refuses to listen and claims that she will "crush anyone who hinders her fun". She would later proceed to destroy Revol with a variant of the Knock Out Critical Smash, but not before Revol futilely attempts to retreat.


This form's finisher is the Knock Out Critical Strike: Lolbit does a flaming sky uppercut to the enemy, before punching the enemy again with great force, empowered by fire from her gauntlet.

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