"Back in the days of old, I was one hell of a guy, entertained, and didn't show fear until I changed forever and seek that killer. He will pay as I rip him apart limb from limb..."


Lockdown, a.k.a Benny Rabbit, is a former performer at Fredbear's, him being the animatronic that was the prototype of all future animatronics in the franchise.


Lockdown was created as a prototype animatronic to test the capabilities of the new found technology. During testing they discovered Lockdown was in fantastic condition and good condition to perform in front of children at the diner. After Fredbear was created they decided to create another bunny animatronic that would go by the name of Spring Bonnie since the new spring technology they had discovered. However, they noticed Lockdown could move fine on his own since they used most of the budget on the prototype. Eventually Lockdown was scrapped when during a birthday party he malfunctioned and hit a parent straight in the face. Later in 1974 a month before Fazbear Entertainment was created a murder occurred and was the second one at the diner, eventually having that child stuffed into Lockdown. The child however could control his anger and lust for murder and he was able to act like a natural human being..


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