"Hello? Hello? Oh um pretty sure by this night you noticed the little fuzzy kitten animtronic near mangle, well that is Little T, or Tauri, she is actually pretty adorable, but she can be a little hazerdous at night as she loves shiny things... Like your camera tablet, just pet her and she will go away, also she has an adorable humanish animtronic form, very cute, just look out for her, um see you on the flip side"


She is a very playful and happy animatronic. She can be a total perfectionist though and freak out at the slightest mishap. She is fun to have around, and even when in human form very beautiful and cute. She is also know as fur ball as she usually curls into a ball when she is bored and rolls around, she thinks it is fun

Appearance (Fnaf1)

She looks like a green fluffy cat (I actually mean actually cat sized 4 leg walking cat that can talk and be super cuddly) She actually starts off sleeping on a party table in the dining room. Like I said bfore, she turns into a beautiful humanish form animtronic that has puffy hair that goes down to her lower chest, a very skinny build, and she wears black clothes

Appearance (Fnaf2)

Same as first except she has more groomed fur







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