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"Property Of Leobear Entertainment"

Red guy Body

This is part of the NPD series made by Official Leobear Productions And Noah.4434. You may only read it, but don't edit it without Official Leobear Productions And Noah:s permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also, Edit This Page With Out Permission Leobardo/Cyan Guy Well Come ! So Don't Do It Thank You!

Leobear sprite thing

The Sprite Of Leobear

Leobearbear poster by

A Poster Of Leobear Say Let's Party

Name:Leobear Japanese Name: レオベア,Reobea In Chinese (Simplified) 狮子熊,Shīzi xióng or Lion bear. One Of the First Animatronics in history Leobear was A Animatronic that Sang As lead singer At CyanPeraDiner (C.P.D). After a Incident It was closed down And Leobear's days are over Some years later he was put back to order As the lead singer of Leobear's Family Pizzeria after another Incident It was closed Leobear Day's was truly Over In new Pizzerias People Seen Leobear. To this day Leobear was Remembered.He Along With Achilles The Rabbit Are Prototypes

Other Versions Of Leobear

There is Shadow Leobear, Nightmare Leobear Torture Leobear, Adventure Leobear, Adventure Shadow Leobear, Adventure Nightmare Leobear and Adventure Torture Leobear

Withered Leobear

Withered Leobear Is A Broken up version Of Leobear And Is A Enemy In Project N.P.D

Torture Leobear

Torture Leobear


Roblox (If Losing)

Not Get Ice Cream

Hate Ravic and his Gang


Ravic and Gang (Rarely)

Ice Cream

Star wars


He Acts Like Golden Freddy . He Acts Like Torture Fredbear In NPD 5 He Well Act As AA Allie In NPD World. In One Game He Well Talk And Well Be The Main Villain

His Theme


Leobear plush by Leo

The Rarest Plush In History In America This Plush Was Only Sold In Japan

Leobear s family Pizzria poster

A Poster Of Leobear And Achilles The Rabbit

Leobear poster NPD

A Poster Of Leobear


  • Leobear's owner is Official Leobear Productions
His Theme is Based Off Way Back Home Made by  Bob Crosby, The Bobcats

A Poster

742-0 Leobear cusytom
Output yRErjs
Output pCq2fi
I m gonna have a Bad Cyan time

Leobear Looking Like Sans

Leobear TNAB Tale

Another one

Images (70)ffvrgf

Another One

Leobear Siting

His Jumpscare sounds

The scream that He makes when killing the player In NPD WARNING: LOUD!


NPD Characters
Torture LeobearLeobearAdventure Leobear (s)Nightmare Leobear Leobardo/Cyan Guy
Leobear Sprite (1)
Leobeardang sprite by
Output 2ZRfYG
Leobear walking

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