Lenny the Cat is an animatronic that was found in Fazbear's Fright after the fire burned down the establishment.


Lenny is made of hard plastic, and looks like a toy animatronic. His main fur is orange, with a white chest. His inside ears are also white. Lenny has instead crimson cheeks, unlike the other toys that have rosy red cheeks.
Lenny the cat full body


Lenny was actually from an arcade game called "Lenny the Cat". He was later made as an animatronic, to promote his game at FFP. Lenny was later taken to Fazbear' s Fright, but nobody noticed him until after the fire.

Current where-a-bouts

Lenny is still standing in good condition, housed at a different entertainment establishment.


Lenny is only in FNaF2, since he was never found at Fazbear's Fright before the fire. He starts at Prize Corner, surprisingly. Lenny was placed there to give rewards to kids who got the highest scores in his game, only from contests he held out. He moves to Kids' Cove, and then the right air vent.


Lenny only has one jumpscare, and that consists of him jumping at you and gouging out your eyeballs.

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