Lea East had been looking for a summer job, and she found that Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was hiring. She put in her resume for the job and made it the day later. She had loved Foxy as a little girl, and was thrilled to be able to spend six hours with him and the other animatronics. She didn't know, however, that they were not the same at night as they were during the daylight hours. She had been through night one,and narrowly escaped having to go to the hospital. Foxy had come running down the hallway, and she almost didn't shut the door in time. She had a nasty gash in her right forearm, and she had to get stitches. She made a full recovery though, and is planning on returning. She hopes that the animatronics don't get too rowdy during her other nights, but she will soon be surprised. She hopes to make some night guard friends, and she hopes they would come and night watch with her- so she does not have to be alone. 

Lea has to pay for her own apartment, because her family was killed in a fire as they were camping out of town by a lake. She had gotten her older brother, who lived at the lake house, to drive her back home. He insisted on staying with her, but since she is 16, she would be alright staying by herself.


  Lea has caramel brown hair and bright emerald eyes. She also has freckless and is Caucasian. She isn't very busty and is not skinny like a twig, but not very stout, so she is about average.. She wears her nightwatch outfit, complete with hat and tie. She often straightens her hair and places it in a high ponytail. Her makeup is generally a soft tan fading into a light brown with brown mascara and black eyeliner to make her eyes pop. Her shoes are normally sneakers, and she wears rubber bracelets and hair ties on her wrists. 


  Lea is normally calm and collected, but is lethal when angered. Her temper isn't necessarily hair-line, but it sure is close. She will probably do the following when she is angered: Scream, yell, hit, and maybe curse. She rarely curses, but it will slip sometimes. When scared, she normally screams (obviously) and normally hides or grabs on to the nearest person. When nervous, she bites her lip and avoids eye contact. When Lea is embarrassed, she hides her face and blushes, as well as avoiding eye contact.

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