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Langle Chapter 3, The New Ones

Emily (the anime cat girl): oh, I soo happy to the christmas!

Panswer: me too

Likebrony: did you see this new animatics...I mean, animatronics

Bill Cipher: no, but this orange lion looks like swag

Panswer: I NOT A LION!..wait, you think I swag?

Bill Cipher: yup

Panswer: wait, I make the answers here!

Bill Cipher: whatever, you want make some nightmares?

Panswer: hm...I new on the summer job off scare and kill childrens..but ok!

likebrony: looks like seomeone found a new friend

???: aham

*likebrony look at ???*


puppet the pegasus animatronic: hi!

likebrony: hi! what is your name?

puppet pegasus: its puppet!

*likebrony looks to music box*

puppet: not this puppet, that puppet is marionette!

(likebrony: ok I reallly gonna get confused with this name)

mangle: did you hear about this new animatronics? not the toys

*lkebrony looks at sparky,puppet, panswer and emily*

likebrony: no...

emily: MEOW

likebrony: I think this mutant cat girl off an anime is not an animatronic

sparky: she is not an animatronic but she is cute and inocent, so we not stuffed him into a creepy fazbear thing suit

(likebrony tallk in mangle's ear)

(likebrony: sparky is not in P&S (parts & service) room? or in backstage's door off the old freddy's pizza?

(mangle: yes, I don't know what he is doing here)

*likebrony try to kiss mangle's cheeck but have a new security guard an mangle scream:*

mangle: NEW SECURITY GUARD! I MEAN! *make radio sounds*

*alll animatronics go to right places, but likebrony and emily go to the office because don't have an location and is not animatronics*

likebrony: hi new security guard...wait...RUMIA!!!!

emily: hi

rumia: hi

*likebrony run to kids cove and tell to mangle make a signall to make the animatronics stop attacks*

mangle: *radio sounds*

*a type off mini puppet go to kid cove*

likebrony: wut?? *look at the mini puppet*

mangle: hi james!

james (the mini marionette): hai

marionette: oh! james! come here! mangle said to stop the attacks

likebrony: PUPPÉTÍ!!!!

marionette: hi like, hi mango

mangle: hi puppet

toy chica: why we need stop attacking?

likebrony: because the night guard is rumia

alll the toy animatronics (but not BB and mangle because BB is making presents on game area): RUMIA?!?!?!?!

likebrony and mangle: I not surprised...we are not surprised

Finall Notes

I HOPE YOU LIKED GUYS! I think the chapter get smalll but I tried to add some fan characters and users for characters =P

Spoilers for the 4 chapter: the next chapter gonna have: Tails Doll, Gaming Foxy (GFoxy) and Toy Freddy