Landcrack (a.k.a Nirn's Worst Nightmare) is an event that will happen in the late-sixth era. It will include the complete annihilation of Masser, one of two of Nirn's moons, and the recreated Nirn. It is also the highly-anticipated sequel to Landfall, the event that destroyed Nirn, which was previously mentioned recreated.

Before the event, the gods had to recreate Nirn, which was once again annihilated.


Landcrack begun with the reappearance of Alduin, who fused with Akatosh, Alduin's father. People started dubbing the fusion "Aldatosh". Aldatosh started attacking the Khajiit-populated Elsweyr. The country was also being attacked by the returning Numidium.

2 years after the apocaslypse begun, Aldatosh started reviving dragons. After this, the Second Coming of Sithis occured. Prophets said "The Void itself, Sithis will return in the late-sixth era to fight Aldatosh and the Numidium." After Sithis appeared in Elsweyr's capital, Aldatosh and the Numidium appeared there. As the fight begun and was raging on, the city was in flames merely 2 minutes after the fight begun. The Dread Father was overpowering the team of Aldatosh and Numidium. However, when he was about to completely annihilate them, his blast got way too big, and Nirn was completely annihilated. Not even pieces remained.

Meanwhile, Masser started cracking due to age (couldn't think of anything else.) Eventually, Masser was split into 2 pieces. With Aldatosh and the Numidium completely penetrated, Sithis distracted by himself destroying Nirn and the heros of Tamriel and Oblivion (Nerevarine, Champion of Cyrodiil, The Eternal Champion, Hero of Kvatch and the Dragonborn) mostly dead, there was nothing that could stop Masser from being destroyed. The only hero remaining was the Hero of Kvatch, who became Sheogorath many eras ago and has not been seen since Skyrim.

With Masser and Nirn annihilated completely, the Landcrack ended.

When Masser's last piece started cracking, it was revealed that the cracking was caused by none other than Mehru

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