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Killer Keemstar
(real name Daniel Keem) is the deuteragonist of the upcoming game, Five Nights at Memes.


Keemstar often sports a black cap, or a beanie to cover up for his baldness which he is embarassed of. He is also often seen wearing headphones, which makes it unable to hear his surroundings. Keemstar tends to bring his iconic popcorn with him at all times, in case there's any drama which he could report about.


Keemstar's personality can change from time to time. First, he will be trying to ruin an innocent YouTuber. Then at other times, he will be attacking the media. It may be proven that Keemstar has a rather short temper, and will act childish at most times.


The killer in Keemstar has been with him ever since the first DramaAlert, and it seems that it will stick with him for a while. However, the backstory behind his name has still yet to be revealed. In the alternate universe of Five Nights at Memes, it is shown that Keemstar used to work as a birthday clown. Being sick of his job, one day he simply had lost his sanity and murdered all the kids at the party. He collected their dead bodies, and left their parents traumatized forever. The souls of the dead children are now placed in his popcorn, and thus the nickname "Killer" was chosen for Keemstar.

Role in-game

Keemstar serves as the "phone guy" in FNaM. He does not believe that the animatronics are haunted or murderers, and will often act like his real-life counterpart. Each night he will phone the player and introduce him/her to their job. It is the job of Keemstar to introduce the player to game mechanics, though he does this job sloppily as he is heard eating popcorn each night.

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