OkAi diz iz mai ocee paeg dONUT STEEL!!!111

Mai bootiful ocee

Hallo peepz dis iz mai kawaii ocee Kerbee x3 He ish a smol butt adorble penk blub dat wakz arund and ken becum many thengz sukc az a feightr. U well die frum de cootnez uv Kerbe just luk at hem x333



Kerbee haz alut uf frenz but liek I dunno who dey r lelllelelele xD I don wanna naem dem eitr so liek lolzzz x333


Kerbee haz alut uv powrz sukc az sucking thangs up und using dem az poweruzp lelelel x3333 Ppl thenk eetz grozz but I don loeoelelel xDDD kKrrbee ken also turn ento lutz uv thangs but liek I don wna lest em so elelelel x333


So datz mai ocee gais!!! Hoep u lieked eet x333 Remembr, no metr haow muckh u liek mai ocee u cannut steel eet lololo xDDD

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