Jon, the assassin


Jon is a 16 year old male in 2099. He has abilities given to him by a couple of assumed dead friends of his. He also has a love for dubstep music. Did I mention that he's Ryan's kid? Probably not, just to put that out there. He has gotten some Ryan-made Symbiotes all under his control. He can hack into things and is as good, if not better, than Ryan at it. He can teleport, travel through dimensions, and also has found and located all of Kaine's hideouts single-handedly. His mother is [REDACTED]. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, bitches.


Jon had traveled through time to get here and he told Ryan, Icicle, and Anaconda to warn them about the threat of Majin and Evil Kaine, but they didn't listen to him. He didn't disclose that he was Ryan's son. He doesn't participate in many things during this time, except to watch and occasionally involve himself. Ryan was killed in a warehouse fire, and Jon carries his ashes around in a bulletproof jar in his backpack


Now that Evil Kaine had killed (and eaten) Icicle and Majin had absorbed Ryan and Anaconda, he is the last one standing. His location is unknown, and he is figuring about how to bring about their destruction, even if it means his own death.

Note to Kaine

Swear to God, you even think about killing Jon off like you did with Icicle and Ryan, I'll punch you straight in the gabba. Swear on me mum.