Joe Afton (also known as "Red Guy" or "Phone Man") is the big twin brother of William Afton and the owner of the Brother Location. He wants revenge to the Marionette for what it did to his little brother


Joe Afton has the same looks as William Afton, but he is older and wears a red guard uniform


Joe Afton is sometimes kind to people in the outside, but he HATES everyone (except William) in the inside, also, when he sees kids, he goes insane and tries to bring the kids in the backroom to kill them.


  • William Afton (Little Brother)


  • Carl Fitzgerald (One of his biggest enemy)
  • The Marionette (Another one of his biggest enemy)
  • Marylin Schmidt
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Micheal Afton/Springtrap (Sometimes...)
  • No String

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