Jelli was built for Shader's Fun Palace, as a entertainment Animatronic, when she was first built, she didnt wear clothes (in respective terms, she technically wasnt nude) , but this caused skeptisism among parents, she was given clothes, and when Shader's Family World was opened, she was one of the animatronics remodeled with a hyperealistic appearance


See Picture, she looks like this, a very realistic animatronic, she was made with a material very similar to condensed slime, making her a life-like slime girl


In Shader's Family World, she goes in this path -Showstage-Partyroom 1-Partyroom 4-Prize Cove-Bathroom-Partyroom 7-Middle Hall-Office


She is a very social and caring animatronic, shes also quite tomboyish, and likes video games, she usually likes to be in the crowd, trying to entertain them, she often changes her clothes (Sometimes even mid-shift backstage) to keep the mood up


-She is very close with Lia, with implications they are "Childhood" Freinds

-She was the third Shader's brand animatronic to be fitted with free-will technology

-Jelli is a pun-on-name of what she is

-She has no technical Endo-Skeleton, but due to her structure and chemical make-up, she dosent exactly need one

Creator's Note

Yes, in the image, she DOES have clothing, look from the collar down, then you will notice it, If you desire to complain about it, you can see the pages Titannia and The Wrathfire Sisters , they are no different (In fact, the second character in The Wrathfire Sisters dosent have clothes, i just noticed that)