Jazzi Rabbit, the...  uh... Rabbit


Jazzi is an old suit.  As old as Spring Bonnie, at least, as she was present at Fredbear's Diner before they moved to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (for FNAF 2).  According to pictures of her from back then, she was an black rabbit-style animatronic with green eyes that played a saxophone.  It can be assumed that she featured a spring-lock mechanism, like other animatronics used by Fredbear's, which allowed her to become a wearable suit with the right equipment.

Information regarding her personality and programming also comes from records from back then, and may not be applicable to sightings of the old animatronic.  She had a sunny disposition and loved the children.  She enjoyed her saxophone, as well, and had an odd way of stating that she would 'deploy' smooth jazz.  Perhaps it amused her, or maybe the staff.  Whatever the case, in the early years the place could get so crowded, so she made it her personal mission to reunite children who'd lost their way with their parents before closing.

It's been a while, at least a decade or so, since anyone's seen her. Being stuck in that hidden back room, sealed away from the world, one cannot be sure how she acts or looks, now.

(A work in progress. also, written by Duhan21, who stupidly created the page while signed off.)

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