Ish kremsin teh snireng blayse

hay peps iem goeng two tawk uhbout Ish kREMsin beecuz ish kremsin is relly kool and i lov hem becuz hes funne an usees fier witch i lov an he is a litl ceut eviN tho hes a boEy an im a boey to lol X#3

ish axe guhearlee an i dohnt no whi butt he is frinch an sehs stuf liek "bawn jor" an "aww reVWah" XD an he pozez liek a guhearl an bearns peepl 

he alsoh kiks peePL wit grin flayms

i respecht ish an i fiend iT fuhnee becuz Hihs lahst naem es krimsIN an he wAres red with blak (or as sum kno anuthr werd i cant sae) gluvs

ish hahs a niknaem an its Tehe snireng blayse becuz he snirs an is a blayse witch meens hes HAHT lol X3

ish is mai idel

i luv yew wit al may hart isH <333 #<#<#33334

ok gieez bi

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