This song is based off "I Want By Senpai Back" by Yandere Dev, which was based from "I Want My Hat Back" from LilyPichu.

Mainly based on "I Want My Senpai Back."

I Want My Bow Tie Back - By Like the Wolfox

like: I lost my Bow Tie

I want it back.


like: have you seen my Bow Tie?

freddy: no, I haven't seen your Bow Tie.

like: Ok, thank you anyway.


like: have you seen my Bow Tie?

toy chica: No, I haven't seen any Bow Ties around here.

like: Ok, thank you anyway.


like: Have you seen my Bow Tie?

toy bonnie: n-no!

toy bonnie: Why are you asking ME?!

toy bonnie: Its not like I like your Bow Tie and stole yours!

toy bonnie: I don't even NEED an BOW TIE!

toy bonnie: Don't ask me more questions!

toy bonnie: Baka!

like: ok...thank you anyway.


like: have you seen my Bow Tie?

BB: I haven't seen anything all day!

BB: Im too busy writing e-mails with the only words "hi, hello, haha" to Jeremy to waste his time!

like: you should stop that...

BB: ok...


like: have you seen my Bow Tie?

springtrap: I had a Bow Tie when I was non-withered...

springtrap: sadly it don't fits anymore because of the holes...

like: I don't care, thats not my Bow Tie. Thank you anyway


like: have you seen my Bow Tie?

foxy: what be a Bow Tie'?

like: ...thank you anyway...


like: nobody has seen my Bow Tie...what if I never see it again? what if nobody finds it?

like: my poor Bow Tie...I miss it so much.


LB: what's the matter?

like: I lost my Bow Tie, and nobody has seen it.

LB: What does your Bow Tie looks like?

like: it has green coloration, perfect size and-




Screen goes black

like: *takes ou something sharp*

toy bonnie: ...NO-NO-NOAH NO!


Sometime later

Like appears with oil in his face and gears around him

like: I love my Bow Tie...

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