iPhone 69 is one of the many iPhones made by Apple and is a member of the Rejected iPhone Squad.

iPhone 69
IPhone 69
Full name iPhone "Guacamole" 69
Model 69
Gender He's a phone
Occupation Being a reject
Location In a small office with his buddies
Color Light gray


iPhone 69 is a tall, slender, medium sized iPhone with a screen that extends all the way to his back. He has the number 69 ironed onto his forehead.


  • Able to power on and off
  • Able to enter sleep mode
  • Able to check temperature of other iPhones (not creepy at all)
  • Able to recognize an iPhone's model just by looking at one
  • Able to be rejected


When Apple completed iPhone 68, they were already working on iPhone 69. But, they knew people would get very kinky with the model number so they immediately scrapped him and threw him in the "Rejected iPhones" room.

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