Human GLaDOS is a human version of the robotic GLaDOS. She loves to test and is pretty much the same as robotic GLaDOS, but more human like feelings.


Glados appearance

Human GLaDOS current apearance

She has blond hair with yellow eyes. She is wearing a suit that allows her to control the facility, along with that she has a watch that is the main thing used for controling the facility, for example she can move panels.

Her watch

Her watch has the powers to:

  • Move panels.
  • Watch the cameras.
  • Actually tell the time.
  • Turn on the neortoxon.
  • Use any other equipment in aperture.


  • Human GLaDOS can initiate a powerup just after death.
  • Really healthy.
  • Can have cores attached to her system.


  • All though Human GLaDOS can inishiate a powerup after death she can't use that unless she has something called a Backup, Backups can be made by scanning her body and it will make a form in the system and because she's technically a robot they can reconstruct her using that scanned blueprint.
  • Human GLaDOS is afraid of dying.
  • Human GLaDOS is afraid of being hurt.
  • Human GLaDOS is afraid of fire.

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