"I am sorry..."

-Horror Henry talking to Sam Schmidt after Night 5 is complete

Horror Henry is an animatronic made by Horror to haunt Sam Schmidt in his dreams. He only appears in Night 5.


Horror Henry kinda has the same appearance as his counterpart, but he has lots of sharp teeth with bloody tops, giant claws and red phantom eyes, he also seem to be missing his bowtie.


Horror Henry is insane in the outside, but in the inside, he doesn't want to hurt Sam Schmidt, but Horror is making him hurt him. Horror Henry can come from the door, window, closet and under the bed, the only way to survive from him is by checking every area in the bedroom, failing to find him and getting him away will result in a Game Over.




Active Nights

Night 1: Inactive

Night 2: Inactive

Night 3: Inactive

Night 4: Inactive

Night 5: Insanely active, but only appears at 2 AM

Nightmare Night: Removed

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