-Horror Freddy talking to Sam Schmidt when he gets under the bed

Horror Freddy is an animatronic that was made by Horror to haunt Sam Schmidt in his dreams.


Horror Freddy is a brown bear has a black top hat and a black tie, just like the normal Freddy, but he seem to have lots of sharp teeth, big claws and red phantom eyes, he also seem to be missing some of his limbs and skin, making him look all destroyed.

Horror Freddy


Horror Freddy is insane, crazy and always have the urge to rip a kid's heart out, he loves to hide under Sam Schmidt's bed, so he can kill him wgwithout him noticing. The only way to get him to not come out from under the bed is to use the flashlight at him, failing to do this will result in a Game Over.



  • Sam Schmidt

Active Nights

Night 1: Inactive

Night 2: Inactive

Night 3: Somewhat active

Night 4: Very active

Night 5: Insanely active, but gets removed at 2 AM

Nightmare Night: Removed