Horror Chica


-Horror Chica talking to Sam Schmidt when she starts opening the window

Horror Chica is an animatronic made by Horror to haunt Sam Schmidt in his dreams.


Horror Chica is a yellow chicken with a giant bib that says "LET'S EAT!", just like the normal Chica, but she seem to have big claws, red Phantom eyes, lots of sharp teeth and broken body parts, she also seem to be missing an endoskeleton mouth.


Horror Chica is sometimes insane, but she is a little smarter then the other Horrors, as she can do things more quietly. If you see Horror Chica opening the window, flash the flashlight at her to make her go away, failing to do this will result in a Game Over.



  • Sam Schmidt

Active Nights

Night 1: Inactive

Night 2: Somewhat active

Night 3: More active

Night 4: Really active

Night 5: Insanely active, but gets removed at 2 AM

Nightmare Night: Removed