"Hey! Welcome back! You can't believe this but we found another one! It's a Black Cat with Green Eyes. Though the claws are so sharp, and so are teeth. We are trying to do something about that. I'm sure you will see her. Her name is Hollyleaf, I think. She was a retired animatronic back in the day but it's called retired so it isn't in use back then. We found a dead corpse inside which is a female body. So someone must have been stuffed in the thing. So, anyways, have a great night okay? Bye!" ~Phone Guy, FNaF 3, Night 2

Hollyleaf is a retired toy animatronic from the 2nd Game. The suit was kept and a Night Guard named, Christine, got stuffed into the suit. She works for Springtrap even though she hates him since he was the one who killed The Five Children. She is forced to work for him.

Appearance [FNaF 1]

Her appearance is the same but she has a rip around her stomach area

Appearance [FNaF 2]

Black Cat with green Eyes and very sharp claws along with teeth. Unlike the toy animatronics, she has fur and isn't made of hard plastic.

Appearance [FNaF 3]

Her appearance is the same but she is more torn up. Her left is eye is missing and has bandages wrapped around where her eye used to be. Her rip around her stomach area is larger and her fur is more thick than usual. And she has wire sticking out of her left eye and she has a deep 'V' shaped nick in both of her ears.

Appearance [FNaF 4]

Hollyleaf is completely withered. She has claw-like rips across her face. Her teeth and claws are sharper than usual. Wires are sticking out of her feet and eyes. Her left ear is missing along with part of her tail. She has a large rip in her left leg.


Hollyleaf is kind though she does have a temper. She hates being bossed around a lot. She feels misunderstood and this can get her into fights. She hates being annoyed a lot. Hollyleaf also kills sometimes - only when she is bored she kills or injures people horribly, though.

After the fire

Hollyleaf survived the fire of Fazbear's Fright. And she isn't even burnt like the phantom animatronics. The only difference is that she has a rip against her chest area, a rip over her right eye, and a rip in her left arm.


Her jumpscare is her slicing your throat open and with her right eye black.

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