"Perhaps you haven't heard but we recently acquired a new animatronic, this is its first night here so hopefully you can fill in night guards about your experience with him when you get the chance. Just a word of advice, do not let him out of your sight." Phone Guy Night 4.


Helix was a recent addition to The Fazbear Franchise back in 86. He is an anthropomorphic Shark animatronic that was used to entertain the kids in pirate cove as an extra for Foxy. While no problems occurred with him during the day he was known for his peculiar behavior especially following the death of another child which was stuffed into him.


As expected Helix is very focused minded individual. Often focusing on one thing and nothing else. Of all the animatronics, he could easily be one of the strongest and most durable. He is known for is coolness of attitude and rarely ever getting enraged. When he does though it is a very scary thing to witness.

Just don't close the door on him. And he'll walk in and out the other door without killing you. If you close the door he smash through it and the only thing that'll be left of you will be your bleached bones, and blood all over the office floor.

In Chat

In Chat Helix is known for eating other members in chat, most often when they have died, beyond this he is pretty simpleminded, but not always quick to respond. He has a distinctive Russian accent, when speaking and has a tendency to be durable enough to repel most attacks. Such as being thrown off the murder cliff will cause the murder cliff to shatter when he hits bottom. He'll just get up dust himself off, and look for the nearest dead or fridge for raiding.

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