Hank 3.0 is recognized as new, but he has been at the pizzeria longer than any of the other animatronics. In the day, he is an animatronic horse that kids can ride for one penny, but he acts much different at night.


Hank used to just be a horse in another pizzeria, but there were complaints of it being too scary for children. The owners of the soon-to-be pizzeria, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, saw the potential and bought the mechanical horse. They decided to remodel him and make him less scary, but, after doing this, the animatronics were so mangled by the new body that they had to store him until they could fix him again. After the events of the original FNaF, all of the animatronics, including Hank, were remodeled, thus making him version 3.0.

Other Information

The new Hank is extremely smart and knows how to tell right from wrong. On occasion, he will attempt to protect the new night shift guard by attacking the other animatronics. The other animatronics can dismember Hank, but in a matter of 10 minutes, it is possible for him to reassemble himself and attack them again. Hank is one of the only animatronics to protect a human by attacking other animatronics, making him one of the only friendly characters.