Of recently Scott re-did his website and replaced an image with a teaser. You may think its Nightmare Springtrap. But you have to consider that this mysterious animatronics color is orange! So don't spitball that he is Nightmare Springtrap. So i nicked him, Halloween Springtrap, even known he could be Halloween Nightmare Bonnie. But on Halloween, I might be corrected.

Design (Oct 15)

His design is very hard to tell. He is only seen as Nightmare Bonnie's Head, Only Orange, and has no lower jaw and the neck "part" is visible. But Here is some Images. The first one is the teaser. The Second is the head itself. The Third is my design i created, Not the best though...


Full Size Teaser. (Sorry if low def)

The Head

This is all that's actually shown in the teaser

Full Body

This is all i was able to make of the full body, and my prediction. Don't know if its true...

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