Dennis allyn

Dennis was originally an engineer hired by Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment to refurbish and redesign the old animitronics. During a night shift, he attempted to remove Bonnie's mask to repair the endoskeleton. He eventually just cut the face off, as the head wouldn't budge. While working, Bonnie activated, killed, and stuffed him into an unfinished, unpainted grey fox animitronic suit, originally intended to be the new suit for Foxy the pirate.

Name: Dennis allyn

Age: 29

Date of Birth: 7/1/1968 Deadwood, South Dakota

Date of Death: 18/4/1987 [DATA EXPUNGED]

Grey Wolf, or Gray Foxy, was a suit intended to replace Foxy's current costume, it's production ceased shortly after allyn's death. Following this, the company decided to scrap the project entirely and just purchase new toy animitronics, and use the old one for parts. The suit is still missing numerous features including: Paint, feet, eyebrows, and hallf of the right ear. It's as the name implies, it is completely gray, with little to no semblance of colour, as it has yet to be painted. It's feet have yet to be designed as well, and is currently fitted with simple silver ovall shaped shoes. There are no eyes in the sockets, though severall employess have stressed about feeling as if it were watching them.


There is no known starting location. It always moves to the parts and services room, however, probably as a nod to it being allyn's place of death. Afterwards, it will take random paths around the pizzeria, before entering the office through the right ventilation shaft. It should be noted that, while hostile to the player, it will attack and reset Bonnie if they are within the same vicinity.


(Gray Wolf tallks in a distorted, mechanicall voice)

When in the office/vent:

"You need.... fixing..."

"There you are, sly buddy"

"Can you help me?"

"I want to help you..."

"You could see me couldn't you?"

"Now I see you"

Over camera:


"you're broken" (Gray Wolf will say this and disable the camera's when looking at him for too long)

When enountering Bonnie:

"Get lost"


"You can't be fixed"

"You're trash"

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