Scroxy is a golden version of Scroxy. He is more dismantled, He doesn't have an eye-patch,Parts of his arms are ripped apart. His Eye is missing,he is Foxy's height,His right ear is missing.

Possessed By

Golden Scroxy is possessed by Logan a teenager who has blonde hair and has a Mohawk,wears glasses,and is very humorous.


Golden Scroxy appears when you go to the Backstage Cam and see his head on the shelf's,he appears on the right side of your office, the second you look at him he jumpscares you. The only way to avoid him is to NOT look at him for 10 seconds.


Toy Golden Scroxy face is torn off,his left arm is torn off,parts of his leg is missing,and he has a eye-patch that doesn't work correctly,both of his ears are missing,and both of his eyes are missing. He is more aggressive then any other animatronic in the game.

Withered Golden Scroxy

He rarely appears in your office

He is the less active animatronic in the game.

He has no eye-patch,he has no eyes,his jaw is ripped off,he has no right arm,his left leg is missing,and his right ear is missing.


He Doesn't Appear in FNAF3


Nightmare Golden Scroxy is the MOST active animatronic in the game.

He is the most dismantled animatronic his right ear is torn,he has sharp fingers,he has sharp teeth,his eyes are missing,he has no bow-tie,his right arm is torn and has a menacing look.


*He was suppose to be a toy animatornic of Scroxy but they failed

  • He is the most aggressive animatronic on FNAF1 & FNAF4
  • He is the most dismantled animatronic in FNAF1
  • His Behavior is similar to Golden Freddy in FNAF2
  • He hates the Toy Animatronics and Freddy Fazbear
  • He is created by Fazbear Funtime
  • He is a SpringLock Suit

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