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Full name Garfielf Arbuckel
Species Cat
Gender Male
Occupation Being a bad kitty cat
Location Jahn's house
Color Orange with black stripes

Dafuq Is A Garfielf?

Garfielf is a fat cat that eats lasaga and other tasty food. He manages to piss off Jahn excessively and he kicks stupid mutt called Odie for 24/7.


  • Lasaga
  • 3-cheese pizza
  • Taco shells
  • Hamburger helpers
  • Squarting spiders with the newspapers
  • 'Tusken Raiding' the fridge
  • Chinese food
  • Scratching Jahn's tux
  • Being right
  • Blaming Odie for everything
  • Un-burned toast
  • Taking 'massive fucking shit' in Jahn's mother's ashes
  • Shoving Odie into the food processor to make a food out of him

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