G. T. Thuyên's pizzeria is a pizzeria owned by the owner of G. T. Thuyên's pizzeria. it is a local pizzeria with

animatronics characters free roaming it.


early 1981

G. T. Thuyên's pizzeria opened. there is no animatronics there so there is no need for a security guard. and there was only one location.

ɯs ƃsppƃsƃ ɹbʍɹʍǝɹbưɹ ƃuᴉssᴉɯ ǝq oʇ ƃuᴉɥʇǝɯos ưuisdf

late 1981

the pizzerias owners friend made for him an animatronic called Benson The Book. so the pizzeria started hiring security guards to prevent the animatronic from being stolen (which happens WAY more often than you think.)

early 1982

an animatronic started malfunctioning.

Mid 1982

New animatronic added. merchandises of the 2 animatronics were made.


-Benson Binders

-Benson Plush

-Victor the Candy dispenser

Late 1982

Arcade games

Typing with benson:

a typing game for childrens where you have to type fairy tales character names.


there is no ending,the player just plays until they get bored.

but when you play more than 2000 levels,everythings starts glitching and the game will automatically restart at some point.

Victors Adventure: