Funtime Foxy is a secondary antagonist of Fazbear & Friend's Pizzeria. She is the repaired version of Mangle.


Funtime Foxy is a fox animatronic with the majority of her parts colored golden. She wears a yellow garment, has a white snout with a small black nose, has three small fluffs of fur on top of her head, white toes, a white stomach, and white inside her ears and around her eyes, and at the tip of the tail. She has bright red cheeks and red coloring at the end of her snout resembling lipstick, long eyelashes, a red bow tie, and possesses a hook on her right hand.


Funtime Foxy's behavior is unique in that rather than randomly moving around the rooms, Funtime Foxy will stay behind the curtains in Mangle's Cove and gradually becomes more active throughout the night. The less the player looks at the camera feed, the faster she becomes active. If Funtime Foxy becomes fully active, she will leave Mangle's Cove and almost immediately appear in the Security Office, killing the player instantly.

If the camera is kept only on the curtains to Mangle's Cove (one way players think they can exploit the game) this will speed up the process.

The only way to prevent her approach is to frequently look at the security camera feed to slow down her activation. Another way to stop her if she leaves Mangle's Cove is to close the door to the security office before she reaches you. To do this, there is one point in time where you are able to see the empty curtains in Mangle's Cove or catch sight of her running down the hall to your office. At this exact moment you have a second to close the door. Once she reaches the door, she will knock loudly and reduce the power by 1%. The amount of power Funtime Foxy takes increases each attack; starting at 1% then 6%, 11%, 16% and so on, although she leaves immediately and resets to Mangle's Cove.

Funtime Foxy's purpose in the game is to make sure the player frequently checks the video feed. This is meant to keep the player immersed in the horror of the game instead of exploiting the game's mechanic and simply camping out in the office, only closing the doors when they see an enemy approach.