"Uh hey, um welcome back! Remember what I said about that animatronic we found yesterday? Well we found another one! It's amazing what you can find here, you know? Well we decided to name it Frost. Though you need to be careful of it, it's got very sharp claws. So yeah be careful. You may see her with the other animatronics. Well I don't have enough time but good bye and have a nice night!" ~Phone Guy on Night 3 of FNaF 3.


Name: Frost, Caidy (Name before death)

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (At death)

Species: Animatronic Cat


Snow white cat with ice blue eyes, long tail, very sharp claws and sharp teeth.


She is a dangerous animatronic when she is angered. She is kind and helpful but she just has a temper. Frost is sneaky and playful, likes to fool around with the guards a lot. When she does get angry run for your life for she is very fast. Her eyes will turn black and that is when you know that she is angry.


Her Jumpscare is her slicing your throat open.

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