OkAi dis is mai ocee paeg dONUT STEEL U THEFZ!!!111


Dis' iz mai huzbandow ocee, Frodburr de baer anmotrankz. Hee ish so fluffee and kawaii! Frodburr ish so mush liek a pillow so u kud hug hem und he wood feel liek u were on a laerg shet uv fethrz.

Mai kawaii senpai husbandow x3


Frodburr iz a kend und karng anmotrankz. He ish bettr dan spingtrup. Bonnay haz a krush on Frodburr but he won't git mai kawaii husbandow bcuz' he ish mein 4evr x3 Frodburr also prtcted mii frum chaka bcuz' shee waz gunna keel me but husbandow punchd her in da faec and bruk her teet <3333

frenz and famy

Frodburr'z mumma und deddy r ded pls doanet mony zo he kun git a bettr lief ;;-;; Fradbaer barly no's hez grandparntz und haz nu frenz ;_;


okAi gaiz dat waz mai kawaii husbandow ocee Frodburr de baer anmotrankz. DONUT STEEL U THEFZ!!!111

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