William Afton (also known as Purple Guy or Fritz Smith) is the true antagonist of A Twisted Night at Freddy's and a selfish murderer. He is also the one responsible for the animatronics malfunctioning at the night.


Fritz is a tall purple figure that has black eyes with white pupils, His neck, arms, and legs have darker colors on them. He also has a yellow nametag pinned to his chest.


He behaves exactly like how he did in Five Nights at Freddy's.


William Afton as a child lived a normal life with his parents, His father was abusive though. One day he picked up an axe and murdered his father. He then grew up to be the owner of Fredbear's Family Diner, But one day the place shut down due to a child getting his head bitten by one of the animatronics. William then renamed himself to "Fritz Smith" and got a job at Freddy's, He was a suited performer and a security guard. One day, He lured 5 children into the saferoom using the Freddy Fazbear suit, He then got out of the suit and killed all the 5 children. This caused rumours about "The Purple Man" to start, Describing him as a tall purple man with glowing eyes lurking in the pizzeria and killing children. Some stories said that he enjoyed it, Others claimed this was the company trying to cover up fatal malfunctions from the animatronics. He then, as a security guard recorded some tapes as a reminder for himself for his plans. He then went to meet his childhood friend, Sammy Cutz and told him about his plans. One day Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was shut down and he went back to the said place to dismantle the animatronics, However when he did. He avoke the ghosts of the 5 children he murdered. He then hid inside the Springbonnie suit thinking the children will not recognize him but they will instead think he is Springbonnie, He then stood up. The trick had worked at first but the raindrops leaking from the ceiling dripped on the suit causing the springlocks to malfunction and kill William/Fritz inside. He fell down and started to bleed out and twitch violently, The children then disappeared. Leaving him to rot. After 30 years. Afton woke up inside the suit, He saw that he was not himself anymore. He was a rotten green animatronic rabbit with his corpse inside it. He then realised he was not in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but another place that had green lighting all around it. He got out of the room he was in and then he saw hanging costumes of the old animatronics that he dismantled. He then renamed himself to "Springtrap"


  • He was once a very obese man, But then he lost his weight and became a really tall and skinny man.
  • He is inside Springtrap.
  • He is rivals with Jeremy Fitzgerald.
  • There is a rare image of him wearing the Freddy Suit covered in blood stains hinting that he used the Freddy Suit to kill the five children.
    • This was confirmed to be true in the guidebook.
  • His name, Fritz Smith was taken from an anagram of both of Jeremy's last names: Fitzgerald and Schimdt.
  • He is 25 years old, However, He is almost Slenderman's height.


Fritz Smith, Now known by his real name "William Afton" returns in A Twisted Night At Freddy's 2.


He is a purple figure wearing a dark purple fedora and has glowing eyes. He also wears a yellow nametag.


He behaves the same.


  • At the end of Night 5, It is revealed that he is actually inside Springtrap.

He doesn't appear, But his appearence is mentioned by someone in a minigame. The child says that William had violet hair and was wearing a purple suit, He had blue eyes and dark eye sockets as if he had not slept in weeks.

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