"She needs won't hurt, I promise..."

-Friendship Freddy attempting to coax Jessica into following him.

Friendship Freddy is an animatronic from the new and improved Freddy and Friends Family Diner.


Friendship Freddy looks similiar to Toy Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, except he is skinnier, shorter, brighter, has a larger muzzle, and acts more kid friendly.


Friendship Freddy is powered by the soul of a deceased child named Markus, thus giving him feelings and the personality of the child. He is very edgy in the presence of the other friendship animatronics, even though he tries his best not to show it front of children. He is the lead singer of his band, and almost always carries his microphone with him. During the night, he becomes more sinister and cunning, though trying hard not to hurt any of the children that may be spending the night at the restaurant. He can't handle flirting, often becoming irritated and quick to lash out if it persists. He shares a good relationship with the other friendship animatronics, and misses Friendship Mangle dearly. In scary situations, he can often become panicky and not know what to do, leading him to make bad decisions. He especially can't stand when children are afraid of him, making him give them things to try to make them draw closer to him.


Friendship Mangle: His and the other friendship animatronic's broken-down friend. He and the other friendship animatronics are after a young girl to put her into Mangle's suit.

Friendship Bonnie: One of his best friends and a member of his band. The main animatronic he likes to mess around with.

Friendship Chica: His "crush" and a member of his band. He enjoys spending time with her even though he gets nervous in her presence.

Jessica: The girl he is after to put into Mangle's suit. He often tries to coax her into following him, but she is afraid of dying, making it difficult for him to even get close to her.

Markus: The child who he is powered by. Hates that he has to be powered by a dead child.

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