"Listen...I don't want to kill you. But I have to. I'm sorry."

-Friendship Chica apologizing to Jessica for having to kill her.

Friendship Chica is an animatronic from the new and improved Freddy and Friends Family Diner.


Friendship Chica looks similar to Toy Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, except she is smaller, brighter, and acts child friendlier.


Friendship Chica, like the other friendship animatronics, is powered by the soul of a young deceased child. This gives her feelings and the personality of the child. Friendship Chica is very generous and a little shy, but willing to go out of her way to make friends. However, with the other friendship animatronics, she is much more talkative and can be described as a little bossy. Friendship Bonnie often refers to her as the "drill sergeant" because of her commanding demeanor. Despite this personality, she cares deeply about her friends and even more about bringing back Friendship Mangle, her old broken-down friend. She is the backup singer of Friendship Freddy's band, and also plays the drumset and occasionally the triangle. Flirting isn't her strongsuit, but she can deal with it better than Friendship Freddy can, not becoming so easily set off if it persists.


Friendship Freddy: The animatronic she is closest to. Being in his presence keeps her on her toes, so to speak.

Friendship Bonnie: One of her friends, although he can irritate her in some situations.

Friendship Mangle: Her old broken-down friend. She misses her dearly and will do anything to bring her back.

Jessica: A young girl she is after to put into Mangle's suit.

Maria: The child she is powered by.

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