"He is watching, waiting, pulling the strings..."

-Friendship Bonnie ominously talking about a mysterious animatronic

Friendship Bonnie is an animatronic from the new and improved Freddy and Friends Family Diner.


Friendship Bonnie looks similar to Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 except he is much shorter, even shorter than the other friendship animatronics by a few inches. He is also brighter, has a bigger muzzle, and acts with a more kid-friendly character.


Friendship Bonnie is powered by the soul of a deceased child, giving him feelings and the personality of that child. He can be described as a very outgoing and talkative animatronic. He often uses sarcasm to get his points across and enjoys making the children and his friends laugh. He is more simply, the clown of the group. He also has a little temper to him and if he doesn't want to be bothered, will either snap at or will simply ignore the person who is talking to him. He plays the guitar in Friendship Freddy's band and will occasionally sing backup vocals if needed. He likes to observe the kids and will occasionally ask them "Have you been good today?" If they have according to his observations, he will give them a small treat. He is saddened by not having Friendship Mangle around and aids his friends in going after a small girl to put her into Mangle's suit. He will also give ominous messages to her, saying things like:

"He is watching you..."

"Don't trust him"

"He is pulling the strings."

"If you don't let us...then he'll find you...he'll kill you."


Friendship Freddy: The animatronic he likes to prank and joke with.

Friendship Chica: Describes her as a "Drill Sergeant", because of her bossy demeanor, but really does care about her.

Friendship Mangle: His old and broken-down friend. He misses her greatly and is after a young girl to put her into Mangle's suit.

Jessica: The young girl he is after to put into Mangle's suit.

Lucas: The child he is powered by.

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