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Fredi Faxbear, or just Faxbear is an Abandoned Animatronic and its said to be Moist Plumber's lost brother.


Unknown, but it's said to be an bad orange recolor of Freddy.


He is anti-social.

Moist Plumber

Faxbear is Moist Plumber's lost brother, they almost don't remember each other because they only know themselves when they were babies.


  • It's unknown if he was born with it, or was hunted by some User, but Faxbear is able to make anyone on the Wiki ROFL.
  • He had big chances to enter in Super Smash Bros, with his brother, Moist Plumber, but Nintendo didn't accept them because of "MOVESETZ". No one still don't know what MOVESETZ means.
  • The Origins of Fredi Faxbear comes from an User that misspelled the word "Fredbear" after getting Banned and Angry on FNaF Wiki. The phrase with the error can be found on this print:
  • Originally, Fredi Faxbear's name is only Faxbear, but the Users on this Wiki decided to put "Fredi" before Faxbear because everyone thought it'd be cool.
  • Fredi Faxbear is the bestest ever.

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