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Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon is the location where Freddy Fazbacon currently resides. It was established after the closure of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


After the closure of Fazbear's, the future of the building was uncertain. Many ideas were proposed, such as ideas to reopen the restaurant with new animatronics, to convert it into a pizza restaurant with no animatronics to entertain anyone, and also to convert the large building into a small shopping complex, though none of them were feasible, and were dropped. After years of lying dormant, a Freddy Fazbear enthusiast, as well as a bacon enthusiast, bought out the location, knowing of the treasures that lied within the establishment.


The enthusiast spent millions converting the location into his dream establishment, a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Bacon themed museum and restaurant. He had the knowledge of the scrapped animatronic parts, as well as the intact Freddy Fazbacon suit. The plan was to retrofit Fazbacon as an entertainer and a server, and for the parts of the dismantled animatronics to be place together without any power source for display in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza themed museum. The renovation took a total of two years to complete. The grand opening caused people from around the city to visit the location, forgetting all of the deaths that have happened there.

Some time after the grand opening, the general attendance of the location was less than anticipated, causing a lack of funds. The location was in danger of closing down less than a year after it opened, if it wasn't for a crew member of a TV show, who took notice of the location and the animatronics. He contacted the rest of the show's crew, explaining the location to them, and that it would be reasonable to film an episode of their program at the restaurant.

The episode sparked nationwide interest, causing patrons from across the country to visit the location. The required amount of money was raised, ending out in a profit of seven figures.

Recent History

Today, Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon is still open and very busy, day in, day out. People from across the globe come to visit the location to view the animatronics, eat some pizza and bacon-related goods, and to watch Freddy Fazbacon entertain everybody.

The owner is currently searching for Baconnie. He plans on reuniting him with Fazbacon, after about twenty years of being apart.

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