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Freddy Fazbacon is a bacon-covered redesign of Freddy Fazbear, and the second animatronic in the Bacon series.

Early History

Freddy Fazbacon, like the first in the series, Baconnie, started as a spare suit. However, the way the suit became covered in bacon is slightly different than Baconnie's. Instead of being electrocuted after the endoskeleton beneath the suit was exposed to bacon grease, human hands were the one who covered the endoskeleton and the suit in bacon, trying to model him after Baconnie. The fact that a person was involved may explain why Fazbacon's bacon cover fits the suit a bit more than Baconnie's.

Later History

Freddy Fazbacon, unlike Baconnie, has reached The Office a number of times, however, he never killed the security guard. Disappointed, he started studying Freddy's movements, trying to become as great as him. His work was cut off by the Purple Guy, who dismantled Freddy, leaving Fazbacon without someone to look up to. In order to avoid being dismantled, he was forced to leave the pizzeria.

Today, Freddy Fazbacon is the star of Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon, 35 years after the closure of Freddy Fazbear's.

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