Freddy's Warehouse

What Freddy's Warehouse looks like

Freddy's Warehouse is a fan-made location.


  • Prototype Freddy
  • Prototype Bonnie
  • Prototype Chica
  • Prototype Foxy
  • Prototype Fredbear
  • Prototype Springtrap


Freddy's Warehouse happend after Fredbear Family Diner.After that location closed down,it was used again next year but is now abandoned,destroyed and massive.It was now called Freddy's Warehouse.

There was a machine which could make new,friendly,prototype animatronics but then it broke and created a very evil animatronic called Midnight Fredbear.

The creators who did this type of stuff said that there was such a hidden,mysterious animatronic called (Not including Midnight Fredbear) Prototype Golden Foxy.

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