"I'll be back"~Freddinator after he leaves after pounding on the door (FNAF 1)

"Hey there. You survived your first night. Good job. Now, you may have noticed another rather big replica of Freddy Fazbear himself in the basement. Yeah, he's called the Freddinator and for a good reason too. He's going to move regardless of if you've monitored him enough or not. He's a tough one. His endoskeleton differs from the other animatronics. It was delivered freely to the pizzeria as a gift from an 'unknown source'. Well, the pizzeria owner couldn't say no to a free animatronic endoskeleton and so it was used. You could say it has a nasty habit of pursuing, killing and it's very persistent too and it won't hesitate to destroy anything in its path, even other animatronics. He will pound on your door if its shut and his fists do cost you a fair amount power and they might actually break down the door so um...good luck and use your power wisely and don't let him catch you. You won't like it when he does." ~Phone Guy (Night 2, FNAF 1)

Freddinator is a large replica of Freddy Fazbear that resides in the basement, though his endoskeleton is made of stronger materials and the endoskeleton appears to have a ruthless mind of its own. (Creator this OC is Lord Ghetsis)


TerminatorSalvation T800

Freddinator's endoskeleton

Freddinator appears to be a large replica of Freddy Fazbear, standing at seven foot tall, though instead of eyes, it had red optical sensors. There is a custom skin for him where he is wielding a minigun. His eyes and height make him a rather menacing figure and that is backed up by his relentless pursuing of the player/night security guard and the fact that he rips apart any animatronic in his path just to get to the guard.

In the end of FNAF 1, a minigame screen will appear where the night guard is pixelated inside a pixelated pizzeria. Freddinator will appear on the side of the office and the night guard has to move around and collect plasma grenades to shoot Freddinator with as Freddinator chases him around the pizzeria. As Freddinator's health depletes, more of his suit tears away, revealing the evil endoskeleton beneath. Once his health is fully depleted, the endoskeleton explodes into many fragments and the boss battle is over. This event shows that the Freddinator animatronic has been destroyed and will not appear in the later FNAF games.


On night two, when he starts moving, his optical sensors light up and begin glowing red. He will make rapid progression to the player's room, ripping apart any animatronic or obstacle in his path. When he reaches the door however, instead of waiting, he pounces in and punches the player/night guard's head off resulting in a red, bloody game over screen. The player will be warned of his arrival through this tune:

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